Garden wonders sells unique and hand finished garden ornaments. With customers all over Europe, their garden structures and ornaments are desired pieces.

Garden Wonders wanted to improve their traffic and offer a better website offering. We identified that their product pages lacked the necessary detail that visitors were looking for. With over 65 pages of products to work through, we created a page structure that would give the customer the right information. This detailed information then helps give an informed decisions on whether to buy the product now.

garden wonders

Competitor analysis

We used reams of data that allowed us to monitor competitor and web searches related to their product base. With this information, we found their best performing pages and products. After delivering a structure and detailed keyword research, we wrote unique content for each page.


We developed a structure to each page that included dimensions, delivery and features listed as bullet points. We find that bullet points are a great way to illustrat the features of a product. Read our blog here.