Looking for more visitors?

To get more visits, organic search should be at the heart of everything that is created on your website. Our SEO consultancy is based around using your website content as a tool to help visitors understand and learn about what you do or sell.

We use industry standard techniques to maximise your potential to engage new visitors. Curating back links, researching competitors and understanding your customers is all part of the process that we love. The last thing you need is a beautiful website with little traffic after all your hard work.

Getting to page one on Google is not an overnight operation that ends in high-fives. It takes time to understand your website, the competition and the improvements that can be made. For just £250, we can offer one month’s SEO consultancy, fine tuning your content, building up a picture of who your customers are and what they are looking for. We also delve into your competitors, understand their position and use industry standard techniques to jump up the rankings.

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Serious about organic search

Getting traffic to your site is about enhancing your content so that you are the the most important and relevant source of information. Curating good quality content, enhancing your blog with bold strap lines and establishing new backlinks are all key attributes that make an SEO campaign successful. Our comprehensive SEO strategies help build visitors and more importantly, convert them into leads sales or downloads by generating content that pushes them to act.

Site Audit

Using specialist SEO tools, we use these to unlock the potential of your site. Further analysis, testing and reporting gives you a better understanding also of the scope of the project.


We evaluate a number of parameters to determine what good keywords are for your site. Our industry standard tactics make pages much more relevant and of interest to potential visitors.

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Ecommerce product content – onsite SEO

We have helped online shops improve their product page content. Nobody knows your products better than you, but we take the time to edit your product page content to match what customers are looking for. We have many tools and techniques that allow us to make your wording really stand out. We worked our magic on Garden Wonders to increase their rankings and perform better for related searches.

Do you have an online shop that needs some better traffic? Contact us for a FREE SEO report.

Case Study

Garden Wonders

Garden Wonders wanted to generate more traffic to their site. We identified that we could get better traffic byt enhancing their current product page content.

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eska lifestyle

Eska Lifestyle

As well as building a new WordPress website, we also added on-site SEO to their top performing products. We applied some competitor analysis, keyword research and added valuable keywords to their pages. Not only did we make sure it had great copy, we also tidied up meta descriptions, image sizes and unnecessary features.