Looking for a domain name? Try this

Looking for a domain name? Try this

Finding a suitable domain name is often a struggle. There are often compromises or lack of availability. There are many websites that offer some suggestions and inspiration, but it draws back to the same problems.

One option we tell customers is there is another way, especially if you don’t have a name in mind. This involves searching for existing options.

A domain with trust

Let’s start with some basics. Often is the case, when you create a new website with a new domain, search engines such as google, like to know a bit of history. This helps them understand your visitors and how relevant your content is.

We also need to take into consideration firewalls and virus protection software. They also scan your website for safety. Having a website that is only a couple of weeks old can sometimes score very low. Especially if you start advertising or sharing content on social media. So you have to invoke some trust cues, but that is another subject.

Get a domain with some history

The creative idea is to search for domains that already have some history and previous trust. The reason why is because that domain might have backlinks from lots of websites. Google likes this, it shows that other websites are keen to link and shows some trust or relevance.

One way to do this is by visiting https://www.expireddomains.net/ this website allows you to search domains and filter them according to what you are looking for.

For example, if you are starting a website selling roof boxes, you start to see many domains that are ready to purchase.

domain name ideas

The interesting and most important part is the amount of background data the domain holds. We can see here that the length of the domain name (LE) Backlinks (BL) and number of backlinks (DP) from different websites are first. 

Then you can see the age of the domain WBY shows when the domain was first registered and ABY shows when the domain first registered according to another source. The older the domain, the more chance there has been some activity.

domain name age

We can see that these domains now filtered by the backlinks (BL) that carroofboxes.net has the most. It was registered in 2009 with some recent registering in 2007. There are 20 backlinks from 2 domains. You can use any online backlink checker to then see what kind of backlinks they are and the quality of them.

Domain name roofbox

Once you take these things into consideration, you can filter them down. For example you might want to have no hyphens or only a .com. There are many factors and it is important to research as much as you can.


Try finding a domain name that has a short length, good backlinks and has been first registered some time ago. This saves you some time in trying endless combinations, but more importantly it helps you create a domain name that already has some history.

Now this is not a proven science, this won’t automatically increase your SEO, traffic or sales. How you build your website, the content and how you promote it will be the factors behind traffic. So this idea gives you a good starting block if you are finding them endless brick walls of domain searching.